Full speed ahead!

I haven’t posted on my blog in a while since I was busy working on a few Android apps (namely iWant¬†and igo). So to update anyone reading my blog, I am now committing myself to finally finishing the game Division By Zero, a game that I have put on hold for too long now (over four month). In case you are not familiar with the project, Division By Zero is a tower defense game I started about a year ago in the beginning of August in 2013. It was supposed to be an improvement on all great tower defense games out at the time. My goal was not to create a tower defense with a vastly different take on the genre but instead to combine all the things I liked about different tower defense games and unify them into one, very well polished game. Unfortunately this has proven to be quiet a difficult task (especially the level making), so I ended up putting the project on hold on the start of 2014.

Now, however, feeling refreshed from a number of incredible experiences, working on a number of interesting projects, I feel confident again, to return to my original goal and actually complete the game once and for all. So join me as I grind through the next few weeks while working on this project.

See you all soon.

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